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“I’m very proud of my rear end,” Nikki admits. “I had a boyfriend once who used to tell me how much he liked ‘my assets,’ ha ha. I think that every man has a preference. Some men are breast men, some men are leg men, some men love a taut stomach on a girl… and some men really love a woman’s behind. In fact, it’s more socially acceptable than ever to be into booty these days. It’s everywhere you turn. Big-butted stars are all the rage, and there are so many articles I’ve seen online about how popular big, round rear ends are. I don’t think the whole big butt thing is actually accurate though. I don’t think men want a behind that is completely out of proportion. They don’t want a woman who looks freakish. They just want really nice curves. They want to be able to get up next to you and put their hands on you and slide them down, cup your cheeks, give you a good squeeze. And they’re always thinking about what it would be like to get behind you and get up close to you, grind against you, put their hands on your hips and really put it to you. I think that’s great. I love wearing short, tight skirts because I love the attention that I get. I like just wiggling my little rear end as I walk down the street, and knowing that any guy behind me has his eyes trained right on me. I once was walking down the street in the city and I heard a guy scrape the curb behind me. It was because he was watching me… and he knew that I knew. He just gave me the A-OK sign, told me how fine I was, and went back to what he was doing. We both got a nice smile out of that, and I got a great ego-boost for my day.”

Nikki has some definite thoughts on the nature of the word “kink.” I think kink has gotten kind of a bad rap these days,” she says. “Partly because that dumb bondage book became a movie and lots of people heard all about it. I’m not sure when ‘mommy porn’ like that became socially acceptable, but if you’ve read that book, you know it’s just written porn, the kind of thing a bored housewife writes when she wants an adventure. Well, I have my kinks, sure. But we all do. And the secret to getting through this life is understanding that every single man and every single woman has this little treasure box of secret kinky desires going on inside him or her that don’t get shared with anyone but the most trusted of partners. It takes a lot to get a guy to open up about his kinkiest desires, and that’s because the ones he’s really holding on to, the ones he has most deeply, well, they’re pretty filthy. And I love hearing those. I love getting to know a guy and getting past his defenses so he’ll tell me the naughtiest, filthiest things he’s always wanted. And then I’ll see if I can’t fulfill all his dreams and reward him for opening up to me by making his most dirty fantasies come true. There’s real power in being able to give a gift like that somebody. I think more of us would be happy if some of us would just break down and go, ‘You know what? I’m going to give my guy his deepest, darkest fantasy and make sure he lives his life fulfilled.”


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Donation $600/Hour
Orientation Straight

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“The thing I love about fetish play,” Nikki adds, “is that it’s a chance to really get to know someone. We all have these desires, deep down inside us, but so many of us try to pretend that we don’t. It’s really pretty silly to judge someone else for their deepest fantasies when you stop to realize that there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t have them. When a famous person gets embarrassed because a sex tape has become available or some other kind of fantasy related material has been released to the public, I try not to judge. You see this when divorce filings get made public. The thing about those is that anybody can claim anything in a filing and it doesn’t have to be true, so an angry spouse could fill that filing full of weird things their former spouse supposedly liked and that gets reported as true. But say it is true. When a wife betrays her husband like that, and tells his fantasies to the world, it’s just dirty. It’s unfair. Every one of us has fantasies like that, and we wouldn’t want them to be public. So judging somebody for them is not cool.”

“That’s one of the reasons I’m so proud of the confidentiality we offer here,” she says. “When you book with us you know from the beginning to the end that we’re protecting your privacy. We don’t talk about you, we don’t share your information, and we don’t even discuss clients among our fellow Boston escorts. It’s a pretty solid commitment to making sure your privacy is protected all the time. Every man who spends time with me can really relax and know that he’s covered personally. He doesn’t have to worry that anyone will knows we went out.”