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Do women love outdoor sex?

It’s a staple of adult movies, of romance novels, and of mainstream entertainment:  The picture of two (or more) people passionately making love outdoors.  The scenarios vary.  Maybe they’re on a blanket somewhere in the woods.  Maybe they’re on the beach as the waves lap at them tantalizingly…  and maybe they’re somewhere very, very public, with the danger of being discovered making the whole thing that much more of a turn on.  But is this just something created by popular entertainment?  Do women really get turned on by the thought of getting it on in the great outdoors?  What scenarios do women fantasize about when it comes to outdoor sex… and what are the realities of doing this sort of thing?

We know you love sex.  Everybody does, if they are honest with themselves.  And sometimes when you get the urge, you may not be somewhere… discreet.  The closest hotel room might be quite a ways away.  And, honestly, do you want sex always to be something you do in your bedroom with the lights off?  There’s a reason that newlywed couples sometimes make it their mission to have sex in every room of their new home.  We just enjoy having sex in places that are unusual, a little naughty, or that carry with them the danger of discovery.  We’re wired to like that kind of excitement.  Some of us are even turned on by situations close to danger.

What is the “mile high club,” after all, if not an invitation to do something forbidden, a little naughty, and a little dangerous?  Anybody can make love in a private plane, of course.  Being able to say you’ve had sex at several thousand feet is quite an accomplishment and makes people proud.  But as the task gets more difficult, the pride you can take in accomplishing it increases.  Let’s say you’ve managed to have sex on a commercial airliner.  That is certainly and legitimately an entry into the “mile high club,” but it carries with it greater distinction because of the difficulty and the dangers.  For one thing, to do it right, both of you have to fit into one of those tiny airline bathrooms.  And you’ve got to get in there and get the deed done without being found out by the air staff or your fellow passengers.

There are people who do this very wrong, too.  You hear every once in a while of a couple of people who lost their minds on a commercial flight, usually because they were drinking too heavily.  They end up trying to have sex under a blanket in an aisle where other people can notice what they are doing.  This is a good way to end up on a list of “no fly” passengers and also in the back of a police car when your plane lands.  But the things that drive people to want to do this kind of thing on an airplane are the same things that often motivate them to have sex outdoors.  Here are some of the scenarios and the realities of them.

We’ve all seen adult movies where naked bodies come together on a blanket or in the grass in the middle of a grassy field.  This is certainly very romantic, and that’s why it is depicted in so many romance novels.  But if you think about it, how many grassy fields can you find that are completely deserted?  A field is a big, wide open space, which means you need that much more wide open space all around you with no people in it so you can do what you’ve got to do before someone stumbles across you.  Unless you’re totally okay with hikers, neighbors, or parkgoers seeing you do the nasty, a field may be just a little too wide-open for this type of thing.

The woods are a better location because they are much more secluded.  Just a few trees screens you from view from those who are around, so it doesn’t take nearly as much empty space (well, space empty of people, not trees) to protect you from discovery if you’re having sex in the woods.  The big problem of having sex in the woods, though, is that the average stand of woods is a pretty moist, messy place.  Depending on the type of forest cover, the forest “floor” is full of old leaves or pine needles and other gunk.  There really is no nice place to bed down unless you bring a tarp AND a blanket.  That takes a lot of the spontaneity out of the whole deal and can kill the mood.

The beach is one of those super romantic locations for sex that seems ideal until you actually do it.  It’s arm, it’s attractive, and you and your lady are already wearing almost nothing (or nothing at all if it’s a nude beach).  The biggest problem is that beaches are so popular that it’s very hard to find one that’s unoccupied by other people.  If you DO find an empty beach, there’s a good chance swimming has been declared off limits because of some kind of contamination in the water (this happens with freshwater beaches especially).  And of course if you do have sex on the beach successfully, you now have a new problem: Sand, which will get into places you didn’t even know you had.

Of course, there is always doing it in the water.  People can and have done this with other people around, even crowded public beaches, because the water covers up what they are trying to do.  But, honestly, having sex in any body of water is a good way for your lady to get some kind of urinary infection.  It probably won’t do you any favors either.

Sex outside is one of those things that is probably better as a fantasy than as a reality.  But like the old Internet saying goes, even if you do get sand in your unmentionables or an infection of some kind, “Doesn’t matter. Had sex.”  For a lot of people that’s going to be all that matters, location be damned.


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