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Moves and Positions For When Things Get Intimate

Sex. We all love it, we all want it, and we all need it.  Anyone who says they don’t is lying, or maybe they have just given up on being intimate with others. Your body is genetically hard-wired to want sex, although your particular preferences and kinks are all things you pick up on your own along the way. So much of our world is driven by sex and the desire for sex. The desire simply to be in the presence of a beautiful woman is all about sex, even if there’s no sex involved. Being close to her, being able to put your arm around her, being able to smell her perfume… these are all reasons escorts are so highly demanded. For a man, the presence of  beautiful, well-dressed woman is intoxicating.

Have you ever walked into a room, seen a beautiful girl, and forgotten your name?  It’s a fact that women, when they are very attractive, have the same effect on men that being intoxicated has. That’s right: Beautiful women are a drug, a drug that men crave and that can both reduce their inhibitions while doing some serious temporary damage to their ability to think and reason. We have all been there and seen it.  How many of your male friends have done stupid things, or put themselves through hell, or just bent over backwards because a woman, somewhere, needed or wanted them to do these things?

Well, sex is what it’s all about, what it all comes down to, and what we all are thinking at the end of the day.  I can’t remember what the statistic is about the number of times the average guy thinks about sex during his day, but it’s a lot.  Men are absolutely always thinking about sex, constantly.  Anytime they see an attractive woman, even if there is no chance in a hundred years that girl would ever give him the time of day, a man is thinking about what it would be like to have sex with her. He is undressing her with his eyes and running his hand across her naked body in his imagination.  Chances are he’s thinking of plenty of other filthy things, too. That’s just the nature of men. There’s nothing wrong with it and, honestly, we should all expect it and even be grateful for it. Becuase what would women be without men to covet them? Women WANT to feel attractive. They want to feel needed and desired. It’s part of their natural mental makeup, the same thing that makes them mothers and nurturers.  It’s also why some women fall for “bad boys’ who they think they can ‘fix” or “change.”

When you finally get her pants off, when you finally see her naked, when you can finally put your hands on the glorious naked sculpture that is a beautiful girl, it’s a sensation that most men will never forget. Even years later, they’re always thinking about the ones who were the best in bed, the ones who gave them the best time, the ones who blew their minds.  I guarantee if you ask a man the name of the woman who gave him the best blowjob of his life, he’s going to be able to tell you, and he’ll probably be able to describe he incident in glorious detail.  These are the things that are burned into men’s memories. They always remember their sexual conquests (unless they’re drunk).

So when it’s finally time to do the deed, there are some moves that both of you need to remember in order to make the experience as thrilling as possible.  There are lots of ways that sex can be fulfilling, and there are a few ways that it can go wrong.  Just like that old bumper sticker, “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work,” even bad sex can be good sex. Well, honestly, the nastier it is, he better, as far as some people are concerned. But remember these moves in no particular order.

Don’t try to get fancy with the body chocolate and lotions.  Those kits you can buy or that people give as gifts, that have edible body chocolate or massage lotions in them, always seem like a good idea when they’re sitting on the shelf at a lingerie shop or in one of those gift shops that has that “naughty section.” The problem with these things is that the fantasy usually far outpaces the reality.  In reality, these things just make a mess, and it’s hard to feel sexy or romantic when you’re worried about the sticky puddles of chocolate or massage oil on your sheets and beadspread.

Second, remember to keep it personal when you’re doing it doggy style.  We all like the doggy style position because it speaks to our primal roots. It’s how our ancestors used to do it.  That’s one of the reasons a woman on her hands and knees, looking back you over her shoulder, is so incredibly sexy. She is “assuming the position,” a genetic callback to when we, as ancient people, had sex the way we saw animals doing it. But the problem with doggy style is that when she’s in front of you not looking at you, it’s easy for sex to get impersonal and detached. While you’re holding on to her delicious hips and getting the job done, remember to talk softly to her, make eye contact with her when she looks back, and maybe even curl a few fingers into her hair so she knows you’re thinking about what’s going on.

Finally, don’t let things fall into a rut.  Once you learn what gets her going, it’s pretty easy to let sex become habitual.  And sure, you want to make sure you ring all the bells each time.  Just make sure you don’t start doing this by rote, as if thorugh practice.  Make sure every time you are truly enjoying her body as well as your own.  That’s what every woman wants in a lover, and it’s what she wants you to feel, too.


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