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The Nature of Women

Many relationships fail because of unrealistic expectations on the part of the men in them. (Note that I am speaking of heterosexual relationships only. You gay folks will have to work out your dynamics on your own, because I can’t help you.) What I mean is that men expect their women to be reasonable. They also expect their women to offer then sympathy, even pity, and they further expect their women to be understanding.

Women can do none of these things expect in very limited measure. Even the most understanding and empathic of women has very defined limits concerning how much she’ll tolerate from her man. Women respect only strength. Even the avowed feminists among them, who will tell you all day long how empowered and independent they believe themselves to be, secretly want a warrior for a man. They’ll bitch and moan about how domineering you might be if you actually play the part of the warrior, but deep down, that’s all they’ll really tolerate.

If you instead act like a simpering weakling, or if you in fact show any weakness at all, they’ll exploit and attack that vulnerability like a shark smelling blood. Eventually they won’t respect you. They’ll hold you in contempt because you are not a man in their eyes if you show weakness. They expect you to be the strong one and to support them. They will not support you in return and, to be honest, will secretly resent your accomplishments and success on some level, no matter how buried in the depths of their frequently irrational subconscious minds.

The only hope that any man has to survive any relationship is to establish his boundaries very early on, then ruthlessly enforce those boundaries. The second a woman gets unreasonable with him, or starts bitching at him for daring to have his own interests, his own life, or his own way of doing things, he must say to her, “We’re not going to interact like this. You will show me respect. Otherwise, there is the door.” He may, as a result, fail to sustain a long-term relationship through several serial short-term relationships, and that’s fine. Would you rather have a series of girlfriends and live your life on your feet, or do whatever is necessary to hang on to a woman who becomes progressively more unreasonable in her behavior towards you?

You see, in almost all relationships, women will become progressively more controlling and manipulative. The more you give in, the more they will expect. The nicer you are to them, the more hateful and miserable they will become to you, because women despise all expressions of weakness. Do not make the mistake of telling your woman your deepest hopes, desires, and especially fears, because she will remember these and she will exploit them in order to use them as weapons against you. This may not come immediately, but it will come.

Now, I’m not saying that you should be a misogynist. No doubt there will be those who accuse me of misogyny for daring to say these things. If you ask any man who has been married for a few years, however, if this is not precisely the way his woman treats him on some level, you will have to poll a great many men to find even one or two who disagree. You should treat your woman with the respect you expect to receive in return — and when she ultimately refuses to treat you reasonably or with respect, you must harden your heart and put your foot down. When she cries, remember that this is her means of emotionally extorting you. Don’t let it get to you and don’t let it cause you to give in. You would not have to put your foot down if she was behaving reasonably, after all.

You, as a man, are alone. You will have to solve your problems alone. You will have to come to terms with whatever emotional issues you have, alone. She cannot help you. She will expect you to support her, to prop her up in all of her emotional issues and problems, yes. She does this because, fundamentally, most (but not all) women are emotionally weak, and they live in a culture (in the United States) that promotes both this weakness and a venal, self-centered sense of hostile entitlement. But even as you support her, you cannot expect her to respond in kind.

She may manage to be sympathetic and even supportive for a limited time. Many women can do this. Always remember, however, that this support has a built-in time limit. She has a threshold beyond which she will see your indulgence in self-pity, sadness, despair, even depression as something contemptible and weak. If you allow it to go on too long, she will lose respect for you and she will begin treating you accordingly. If you don’t put a stop to that when it does occur (if you make the aforementioned mistake), it will only become worse, and you will join the ranks of the browbeaten, emasculated men who walk through their lives wishing only for the increasingly rare approval of the women in their lives. You can tell them by the sense of hopelessness and dependence that they carry with them. They are no longer their own men, and it shows.

So what is a man to do?  Well, if he wants to be his own man, he has one very obvious choice ahead of him:  He can hire a beautiful, professional escort to be seen with him.  When he takes her out on the town, other women will see him, and they will automatically estimate his value more highly.  When he is seen as a high-value man, he has much more leverage when negotiating a relationship.  In other words, he can be his own person, and there is NOTHING she can do about it, because he’s set himself up as the sort of man that women want.  That’s worth thinking about, isn’t it?


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